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Maldives Meeru Island Resort
Scattered like a string of pearls throughout the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives afford one of the most sought-after holidays experiences on earth today. No two islands or atolls are the same.
Maldives - Travel to the sunny side Maldives - Travel to the sunny side
Maldives is easily accessible with many charter airlines and regular scheduled flights flying from all over the world.
No shoes, no news, time to relax? No shoes, no news, time to relax…
Need a holiday in the sun? In Maldives you are guaranteed the sun. Make sure that you have plenty of sun cream…
99 % of Maldives is Water 99 % of Maldives is Water
Do you love water sports? Then definitely Maldives is the place to be. Splendid waters of Maldives is beautiful. You will be pleased.
Sun or Rain? Sun guaranteed Sun or Rain… Sun guaranteed
Maldives is in the tropics, plenty of sun and cool breeze from the Indian ocean. Check the weather forecast...


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