Quit Smoking The Smart Way, With Vaping

699188879_dcadbf9ea6_bSo you’re ready to give quitting cigarettes another try but don’t want to take another failed route of nicotine gum and patches? Good, there is a new way to give up those nasty cigarettes that helps you not only ease off the physical addiction but the mental addiction too. It’s called vaping and it’s more than just a way to blow crazy clouds. For anyone who has ever dealt with the pains of quitting cigarettes you know that it’s more than a need for nicotine, the body and mind want to go through the motions too. The deep inhales, the simple motion of raising your hand to your mouth, or even just the feel of the cigarette between your fingers…these are the things that patches and gum can not give to you. That’s why vaping your way off of nicotine is the smartest thing to do, let me explain why.

The basic vapor rig setup is very similar to the structure of a cigarette, the budget or intro style vape kit is usually made up of a slender battery and tank that is a little bigger than a pen. The batteries are rechargeable and the tank can be filled with an E Juice flavor of your liking. You are still intaking your nicotine by mouth as well which gives your body the same motion as smoking a cigarette giving you one last thing to crave during the process.

Picking the best E Juice flavor is going to be a crucial step is the process, you may be able to quit using whatever flavor you like, but for some people a cigarette flavored E Juice is the only way to go. You will have to figure this step out with a little trial and error…if you are worried about it just start out with a cigarette flavored E Juice and then move to something else once you have the vaping process down. With such flavors as tooty frooty, vampire blood, and root beer float your options are almost endless.

With this knowledge and basic setup you can give your body both the physical and mental requirements it will need to make the transition from cigs to vaping. Just like any life change it will come down to having a little self control as well. Once you have moved past the cigarette addiction you can start reducing the amount of nicotine in your E Juice if you would like to cut nicotine out completely.