More California Lakes You´Ll Love To Sail

Besides the above-listed lakes, California provides many more lakes to enjoy sailing. With many of them offering other activities both on and off the water, the thing they all have in common is the fun and enjoyment one gets.

Lake Shasta

In Northern California and north of Redding is Lake Shasta. Although Lake Shasta is a reservoir, it is California´s largest. It makes up a multitude of water ways and outlets that stream into the dam. With more than 30,000 acres, there is plenty to explore as you sail through the day.

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is bordered by an abundance of pine trees and sits at more than 6,500 feet in altitude. Nearby is the town of Big Bear Lake, which boasts as a great spot for popular winter time recreation as well as great summer time sailing.

Mono Lake

Located on Yosemite´s entrance on the east is Mono Lake. A natural tufa makes a great addition to the lake as it shoots out of the lake.

Silverwood Lake

With Silverwood Lake, it is Southern California´s popular lake and is nestled nicely within the San Bernadino mountains.

Cachuma Lake

Within the Santa Ynez Valley lies the Cachuma Lake. In this attractive mountain setting, the lake makes a great addition to the surroundings. Due to it being a direct water source, any type of water activity is strictly prohibited.

Mammoth Lakes Basin

The Mammoth Lakes Basin is just five quick minutes from Mammoth Lakes. It is also the home to the popular Mammoth Mountain resort. The surroundings itself offers a nice supply of clear water to enjoy sailing.

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