Lake Tahoe Sailing

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Among the many great lakes to sail within California, Lake Tahoe continues to be at the top among all sailboating enthusiasts. It goes without saying that Lake Tahoe is a natural piece of art.

Having some historical background of Lake Tahoe will help your sailing experience become even better with Jolly Sailing Charters LB.

Initially, the basin of Lake Tahoe came about more than 5 million years ago by way of fault lines shifting.

Afterwards, pressure developed during the tilt west throughout the Sierra Nevada. Because of this, two faults were created parallel to one another.

Due to the fault rising up, the areas high peaks were created. The fault below then created the valley, which is referred to now as the basin of Lake Tahoe.

A Geological Sailing Adventure

truckee river A lot of seismic activity took place after the basin was formed, which developed into a northeastern barrier. This led to a natural dam being created around the outlet of Lake Tahoe stemming from Truckee River.

Ultimately, Lake Tahoe was filled with fresh water after thousands of years worth of snowfall. In fact, the water level was actually hundreds of feet higher than it is today. Erosion shortly followed through the dam, which created the lake´s outlet into the Truckee River. Through state legislation in 1945, the Lake Tahoe name became official.

Does Lake Tahoe Allow Sailing

Sailing on Lake Tahoe can be a challenge for some. This is mainly due to the shifting winds. You need to remember that Lake Tahoe is high in the mountains, which can cause unpredictable winds. Many believe that if you have no problem sailing at Lake Tahoe, then sailing is possible everywhere.

Timeframe To Sail Across

The shoreline of Lake Tahoe is 72 miles, which would take close to 8 hours if you go in a complete circle. You would also need to keep a pace of at least 10 mph.

Lake Tahoe Boating Locations

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There are many piers and marinas at Lake Tahoe. The more well-known ones include:

  • Tahoe Keys Marina
  • Timber Cove Marina
  • Camp Richardson Marina
  • Zephyr Cove Marina

Folsom Lake Sailing

Besides boating and sailing opportunities, Folsom Lake also provides other activities such as Running, hiking, biking, horse riding, fishing, and camping.

Along with the other activities available, a path for bikes extends for 32 miles and stretches from Folsom Lake to the county parks of Sacramento. You will love the fact that if you feel like sailing another lake, then sailing at Lake Natoma is fairly close and located within the county park.

Where to Find Folsom Lake

Folsom Lake can be found in the eastern foothills of Sierra-Nevada, which is around 25 miles from Sacramento. Folsom Lake has a variety of entrance areas and is easily accessible. The Folsom Dam is home to the lake´s administrative office.

Prime Time of the Year To Sail Folsom Lake

In order to get the most out of Folsom Lake and the many sailing opportunities it provides, you are best to go during both spring and the summer. The temperatures will be no less than 80 and with a great wind. A high visitation starts in April and lasts until September. In the spring, the weekends and evenings have the most lake action.

Lake Almanor Sailing

lassen volcanic national park Enjoying Lake Almanor for sailing purposes is an absolute must. The basin of Lake Almanor stretches across the Lassen National Forest and the National Volcanic Park and ends at the Sierra-Nevada granite and Cascades.

Hours of Sailing That Can Last All Day

With a shoreline stretching for more than 50 miles, Lassen Volcanic National Park has something for everyone. Being the biggest Pumas County lake, it hosts two boat launches for public use, three marinas providing full service, boat rentals, and gasoline for sale.

While sailing is a popular option at Lake Almanor, ther are many other water activities that you can also enjoy such as kayaking and swimming.

The two boat launches located at Lake Almanor can be found in two separate areas:

On the western shore at the Forest Service ramp, located 1 mile after exiting highway 89. Take Almanor Drive West and within the campground of the U.S.F.S.

Within the Canyon Dam Picnic Area is the other Forest Service ramp, within the highway 89 and 147 junction.

While taking a break from sailing, you can enjoy some nice fishing for some Salmon, Browns, Small Mouth Bass, and Rainbow Trout. All of these species are available for fishing any time of the year.

Currently, Lake Almanor also provides over 800 camping locations, shops, RV parking, and of course the National Forest. For those wishing to lodge for the weekend as you sail, can take advantage of the plentiful amount of area resorts, hotels, cabins, and vacation homes.